I’m very pleased to know that Tinder stories, directed by Laura Martinova and edited by myself has been selected at the Festival de Cine de Madrid, 2018 edition. I took great care of the edit of that short-film so this is great news. The script changed greatly throughout the edit until the film had a unique pace that the audience could track whilst following a heavily intercut dialogue.

Two key elements that I enjoyed during the edit were the selection of music, which worried me greatly at first. The tone of the stories was dark yet funny, a grey area that the music had to hint from the beginning. I kept on listening to Almodovar’s soundtracks for a while because I could feel the same tone I was searching: emotional yet with enough distance to avoid darkness. A great Latin American bolero from the 70s was the perfect match, and with that in mind the composer recreated later the same feeling. I think it worked out really nicely.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-11 a las 16.47.41The second element was color. For the first time I took charge of the color correction and I enjoyed every moment of it. The camera and production design had done a great job so I pushed for reds and blues, which combined greatly with the warm golden tones of the clothing and hair. (I used DaVinci Resolve). Captura de pantalla 2017-10-11 a las 16.48.17

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