I edited a few months ago, alongside the directors Anna Giralt and Ross Domoney, a documentary project that has just been released online. 44 Messages from Catalonia is produced by Field of Vision, the North American production company lead by Laura Poitras, AJ Schnack and Charlotte Cook, and chronicles the events that lead to the curent Catalan independentist crisis.

This article by The Intercept by Robert Mackey, reflects on how we unfolded the story using an unusual and new point of view: the whatsapp messages sent by Catalans from different sides throughout the process. From an editing point of view, it was a challenge to find a story that was informative yet entertaining for the viewer. We also took into consideration that the audience of the movie would be global, and the messages should avoid information or jokes that could be confusing for foreigners. It was a gruelling selection process to reflect as many point of views as we could in a limited amount of time.

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